Your Ultimate Guide to Kalbarri National Park

Western Australia is home to many awe-inspiring natural wonders, and Kalbarri National Park is among the very best of them. From wind-cut coastal gorges to whale watching on towering clifftops, our part of WA’s Mid West region is a joy to explore. And at D’Guy Charters, we’re here to help you see and do as much as possible!

Our team has lived locally for many years, so we know Kalbarri and the surrounding region inside out. We used this knowledge to create our exciting range of Kalbarri Tours. But that’s not all! With our charters in Kalbarri, you can count on us to get you where you need to go. This includes hotel pick-ups as well as hiking, airport, and mine transfers.

But for now, let’s get started on our ultimate guide to Kalbarri National Park! If you have any questions while reading, please don’t hesitate to contact us for the answers you need.

Where is Kalbarri National Park?

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Western Australia, Kalbarri National Park is located approximately 560 kilometres (around 348 miles) north of Perth. Its rugged beauty stretches across nearly 1,830 km² (183,000 hectares), encompassing towering cliffs, sweeping gorges, and winding rivers.

The western edge of the national park is the coast itself, looking out over the huge expanse of the Indian Ocean. The eastern boundary pushes up against Highway 1 on its mammoth journey from Eucla to Kununurra.

How to Get to Kalbarri National Park?

Getting to Kalbarri National Park is a breeze, whether you’re travelling by car, bus, or air. If you’re driving up from Perth, simply hop on Highway 1 and follow the signs to Kalbarri. Turn onto the 354 road at the Ajana-Kalbarri Turnoff. The drive may take six to seven hours, but it’s far from complicated.

There are two routes when travelling from Perth:

1) The Brand Highway and then onto North West Coastal Highway at Geraldton, 551 kms from Perth CBD which is around 6-7 hours drive.

2)  The scenic route following the new Indian Ocean Drive, which takes you just south of Dongara, turning onto the Brand Highway, then onto North West Coastal Highway at Geraldton, 543 km from Perth CBD which again is around 6-7 hours drive.

For those flying in, Geraldton Airport is the closest airport, located approximately 160 kilometres south of Kalbarri. The airport offers regular flights to and from Perth.

Are you travelling Northbound and/or Southbound with Integrity Coach Lines? You can book a shuttle to Kalbarri with D’Guy Charters from the Integrity Coach Lines bus drop-off point at the Ajana/Kalbarri Turn-Off. Our service can drop you off at and pick you up from any accommodation in Kalbarri. 

What’s So Special About Kalbarri National Park?

Put simply, Kalbarri National Park is a natural playground with something for everyone to enjoy. Prepare to be captivated by the diverse, sweeping landscapes and an abundance of unique wildlife.

The park surrounds the lower reaches of the Murchison River as it nears the end of its journey to the Indian Ocean. Over hundreds of millions of years, the river has carved an 80km gorge through the red and white banded sandstone. But natural forces have been shaping this special place in other ways too, with the iconic Nature’s Window as the most famous example.

There many incredible places to visit in and near Kalbarri National Park. Below, we’ve listed just some of our favourite things to do here.

Best Things to See and Do in Kalbarri National Park

Here are some of the best things to see and do during your visit to Kalbarri National Park:

  • Nature’s Window: One of WA’s most recognisable landmarks, Nature’s Window is a rock formation that perfectly frames views out over the Murchison River Gorge.
  • Kalbarri Skywalk: Opened in 2020, the Kalbarri Skywalk consists of two V-shaped walkways extending out over the gorge’s edge, hanging over a 100m drop!
  • Z Bend Lookout: Near Nature’s Window and the Skywalk, this popular viewpoint overlooks a sharp turn in the Murchison River: a truly jaw-dropping vista.
  • Wildflower Season: Warmer winter weather sees over 12,000 wildflower species bloom here, and as many as 60% of them are native to our part of the world!
  • Stargazing: With incredibly low light pollution, Kalbarri National Park is a stargazer’s dream on a cloudless night. Our night skies are a truly spectacular sight.
  • Coastal Cliffs: Kalbarri’s coastline is defined by rugged sandstone cliffs. Some of the highlights in the area include Natural Bridge, Island Rock, Mushroom Rock, Red Bluff, and Pot Alley.
  • Whale Watching: From these towering cliffs, and when in season (June to November), you can see the magical sight of humpback whales migrating to warmer waters.

Remember, this is only an introduction! You can also enjoy numerous hiking trails — such as the Loop Walk and the River Trail — Murchison River cruises, kayaking, quad biking, abseiling, and more! And while it’s not in Kalbarri National Park, Pink Lake (AKA Hutt Lagoon) is another attraction worthy of any itinerary. 

And the good news is that our Kalbarri Tours showcase the best that the national park has to offer, from the Inland and River Gorges Tour to the Kalbarri Wildflower Tour. Browse our full range to find out more about the experiences waiting for you here!

Getting Around Kalbarri and the National Park

Once you’ve arrived in Kalbarri, getting around is easy with a variety of transportation options available. However, it’s important to note that the town of Kalbarri has no public transport, primarily because it’s so small that it’s easy to walk wherever you need to go. 

By far the best way to get around is with our guided Kalbarri Tours. Not only do they include roundtrip transportation in comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles, but our experienced guides provide a fully immersive experience. You’re sure to leave with a newfound appreciation for our part of Western Australia.

Most of the roads in the national park are paved, so the exploring is smooth and relatively easygoing. And don’t forget, when it’s time to move on, our charters in Kalbarri can get you where you need to go!

Where to Stay in or Near Kalbarri?

Whether you prefer camping under the stars or relaxing in luxury accommodations, Kalbarri has something to suit every traveller’s taste and budget. From caravan parks and holiday homes to boutique hotels and resorts, you’ll find plenty of options for lodging in and around the park. However, it’s important to note that you cannot camp in Kalbarri National Park.

Just a handful of accommodation recommendations for your consideration include:

  • Kalbarri Palm Resort ($)
  • Kalbarri Seafront Villas ($$)
  • Murchison View Apartments ($$)
  • Kalbarri Edge Resort ($$)
  • Pelicans Nest ($$)

When to Visit Kalbarri National Park?

With its mild climate and stunning scenery, Kalbarri National Park is a year-round destination. Many visitors prefer the cooler months of April to October, when temperatures are mild. Expect balmy days perfect for outdoor activities, although you should prepare for some rainfall too. This is also wildflower and whale migration season.

Between November and March, the temperatures soar and conditions become very hot during the day. In fact, the park closes the Loop Trail after 7 am from November to March as the temperature can reach around 50°C (122°F).

Does Kalbarri National Park Close?

Kalbarri National Park is open from sunrise to sunset. However, certain areas of the park may be temporarily closed due to weather conditions or maintenance activities. Be sure to check the park’s website or contact D’Guy Charters for the latest information before planning your visit.

Do You Have to Pay to Enter Kalbarri National Park?

Yes and no! Kalbarri National Park consists of two sections: the Coastal National Park and the Inland National Park. All coastal areas are free to explore, but you must pay a fee to enter the inland section. Entrance fees are included in the price of our Kalbarri Tours that visit the Inland National Park.

Don’t Miss Out on Our Guided Kalbarri Tours!

We hope you’ve found our Ultimate Guide to Kalbarri National Park inspirational and informative! We can’t wait to show you around the place we call home. If you have any questions about our Kalbarri Tours or our charters in Kalbarri, please just get in touch for the information you need.

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