Top 5 Things to Do in Kalbarri as Recommended by Locals

Are you planning to visit Kalbarri on an upcoming trip to Western Australia? Located in the centre of Australia’s west coast, a little over 350 miles north of Perth, Kalbarri is a special destination known for rugged ocean cliffs, commanding inland gorges, and the wild beauty of Kalbarri National Park.

The D’Guy Charters team has lived locally for many years now, so we know this awe-inspiring place inside out. This local knowledge and expertise make up the foundation for our exciting Kalbarri Tours. What’s more our Charters in Kalbarri can get you where you need to go, with hiking, mine, and airport transfers as well as hotel pick-ups.

As a result, we’re perfectly placed to recommend these top five things to do in Kalbarri on your visit! This is far from an exhaustive list, but it’s the perfect introduction to the kind of adventures you can enjoy in the place we call home.

If any questions come to mind as we go, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Marvel at Natural Wonders with a Complete Kalbarri National Park Tour

When in Kalbarri, a journey through the Kalbarri National Park is an absolute must! This protected space surrounds the lower reaches of the mighty Murchison River and it features numerous attractions and experiences that are worthy of any itinerary.

However, a complete tour of Kalbarri National Park — like our own Inland and River Gorges Tour — lets you group many of these together in a single journey.

This rugged landscape is home to the iconic Nature’s Window, a natural rock formation that frames the breathtaking views of the Murchison River Gorges. Trust us, it’s a postcard-worthy spot!

Dive deeper into the heart of the park with a trip to Z Bend, a popular viewpoint overlooking a sharp turn in the Murchison River with a jaw-dropping vista. This spot is an incredible blend of serene surroundings and a demonstration of nature’s raw power.

Our National Park tour also stops at the spectacular Kalbarri Skywalk. This new addition to the park opened in 2020 and features two lookouts that extend over the edge of the Murchison River Gorge. One hangs a knee-trembling 25 metres over the gorge’s edge!

Walking out onto these walkways offers a truly immersive experience that provides breathtaking panoramic views of the Murchison River Gorge. The Kalbarri Skywalk is also a standalone experience, so we’ve taken a closer look at it below.

For the final flourish, our expert guides lead your complete experience through Kalbarri National Park, so you don’t miss a beat. This means you get insights into the park’s history, geology, and remarkable flora and fauna.

Step Off the Gorge’s Edge at the Kalbarri Skywalk

If you’re pushed for time and can’t squeeze in a full Kalbarri National Park tour, you don’t have to miss out on the thrill of the Kalbarri Skywalk. Our Kalbarri Skywalk Tour is dedicated solely to this adrenaline-pumping experience.

The Skywalk consists of two V-shaped walkways that lead over the edge of the gorge, seemingly hanging in midair over a 100m drop.

From these cantilevered viewing platforms, you can marvel at extraordinary panoramic views of the Murchison River Gorge and the remarkable surrounding area.

The Skywalk development is integrated into the pre-existing West Loop visitor site and is suitable for seniors and families. There are wheelchair-accessible viewing structures as well as ample parking spaces (for cars and buses), shade shelters, and toilets.

This is also a fantastic place to learn about the local Nanda people, the traditional owners of Kalbarri National Park. With the onsite Skywalk Cafe, you can also enjoy breakfast, lunch, coffee, cold drinks, or a brew with a view.

Gaze Out at the Universe Under Pristine Kalbarri Skies

Here in Kalbarri, we’re lucky enough to have incredibly low light pollution. This means that when you head into the heart of the national park on a cloudless night, the velvety black skies overhead become a stargazer’s paradise!

Staring up at the staggering beauty of the Milk Way is an experience that’s as humbling as it is life-affirming. On our Kalbarri Skygazing Tour, we provide telescopes too, so you can get an even better view of the brilliant nightscape.

Our stargazing adventure is easygoing rather than a serious astronomical outing. But the relaxed atmosphere makes this unforgettable experience suitable for everyone, from curious nature lovers to enthusiastic astronomers.

You can even throw the magic of a Kalbarri sunset into the mix with our longer Kalbarri Skywalk, Sundowners, and Stargazing Tour.

As an added bonus, we may even encounter some local wildlife as we make our way back to town!

Visit the Breathtaking Coastal Cliffs and Pink Lake!

Moving to the coast, it’s time to admire Kalbarri’s rugged, captivating sandstone cliffs. These layered rock formations plunge more than 100m into the ocean below. It’s important to stick to designated paths and steer clear of overhangs and cliff edges. The sheer power of the sea also creates huge wave surges, so watch out for these and the slippery rocks they create!

In addition to the awesome sight of the coastal cliffs themselves, you can also spot humpback whales migrating from land between June and November. If you join our Pink Lake and Coastal Cliffs Tour during migration season, we will drive you to the best whale-watching sites!

Other incredible stops along the coastal cliffs include:

  • Red Bluff
  • Natural Bridge
  • Pink Lake
  • Chinaman beach
  • Wittecarra Creek

The famous Pink Lake, also known as Hutt Lagoon, sits south of the best coastal cliff lookouts and is a must-see on any trip to Kalbarri. This lagoon has high salinity levels, giving it an unusual hue that changes in tone depending on weather and light conditions.

Cherish the Beauty of Spring’s Blooming Wildflowers

Many of the best things to do in Kalabarri revolve around permanent fixtures that have altered at a minuscule pace over millennia. But our final pick involves a burst of beauty every spring. As the temperatures warm up after winter here in Western Australia, the world’s largest variety of wildflowers blooms.

This kaleidoscopic explosion of colour is a sight that nature lovers and photographers simply cannot miss. From July to October, the Midwest region sees more than 12,000 wildflower species blanket the ground. 

If their gorgeous vibrancy wasn’t enough, these flowers are truly native. You can’t find as many as 60% of these species anywhere else in the world. 

Of course, conditions play their part in annual blooms, but this spring spectacle is always a highlight of the year. Experience it for yourself on our Kalbarri Wildflower Tour.

Join Our Kalbarri Tours for an Immersive Experience

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the best things to do in Kalbarri. Remember, they are only an introduction to all the fun and fascinating experiences waiting for you here in our part of Western Australia.
If we’ve inspired you to start planning your visit, browse our range of Kalbarri Tours. If you have any questions about anything you see, please get in touch for the answers you need.